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Wonderful Voice

"P.J. has completed voice over work for me with superior professional quality, bringing my message to life"

Elaine Presley Wish Foundation - Graceland.com


She has A Crisp Voice

"She did me a solid! Her voice is crisp, with no flaw. Her tone sends the message of my company's work environment and the friendliness we show to our clients. As if she read my mind in what the perfect tone was necessary. I, certainly shall utilize her services whenever it calls for it"

R&R Liaisons

Woodland Hills CA •


John Whitford Comm

 "Having used PJs voices several times over the last few years I have been completely impressed by the professionalism and selection of voices . The audio quality of the files that I receives are excellent broadcast quality. I use PJs voices in social media advertising as well as radio advertising. PJ produces my commercials and audio clips and a fast and timely manner rarely are revisions needed. I highly recommend PJs voices"


We just got our first Jingle and animation for the website, we our so very excited, what an amazingly talented Lady. Beautiful voice lots of great and funny characters! I hope she gets to be the voice for her Disney cartoon soon, she deserves it.




After having the opportunity to hear Pj's Voices, I felt confident in recommending her to an associate of mine who was in need of a voice-over artist. He hired her and was so happy that he has hired her for more of his upcoming projects."

-ANGIE LUSSIER, Screenwriter


"She DEFINITELY has Passion"

I watched her sing the National Anthem at the Mid State Fair when she was a radio personality on KJUG. It was the best I have ever heard it sang. She is very dedicated to what she does. I would hire her if you are looking for the best voice or commercial, or whatever it is you need. She deserves the best I have seen her go through so much, yet she is still doing all she can after her disability from stunts. I recommend Lisa PJ Stover for voice overs and singing. PJ is very professional and gifted. Her voice is amazing. I have heard her sing the national anthem before a concert. At the California Mid State Fair in Paso Robles. It was one of the best I have ever heard.

- Jilly Bell, TEACHER-

- PJ is an Original, Loves to please her Clients-

We used to have PJ come in to the station and voice everything from commercials, local business ads to promos for Rachael Ray, as well as other character rolls we needed a woman or a funny voice for. She never said no, she always came right in, even if it was just for 10 minutes and never complained if we needed her to come back & re due something. She is great with direction if you want something a certain way she will let you know her opinion, but always did it the way we wanted it. This creative lady should be working full time as a voice artist in animated movies, so you should be very greatful and lucky to get PJ for your voiceover project.


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PJ Quotes: Garry Marshall told me to always do what I love no matter what.. " PJ you have so much talent don't waste it or not do something about it,  Don't let anyone tell you that you are wasting your time, or dont have what it takes, because YOU are not. If you give up you will never be happy. You deserve to be happy. Your a pretty good softball player too" One very amazing man, Im so glad to say I knew him & had the pleasure of working with him before he passed.

- GARRY MARSHALL, Producer & Falcon Theater

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"a return customer" 

I have never been happier with any other female voice since we hired PJ 7 years ago. When we need anything to do with a female voice or a great character. She is the only one we use. Now it's all so much easier to get our commercial ad done since she has a nice studio. She's always fast and never past the time we need it. 

-Ken, Artist