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* I use Adobe, IZotope Nectar 2, Vocal Synth,  & Maya software for Voices Over & Animation 

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About PJ

PJ Stover- "She's on Fire & The One To hire"  Click  see an animation    

PJ Stover- "She's on Fire & The One To hire"

Click  see an animation 



It all started when...Well I don't want to bore you with Reading a lot, In fact the movie about my life would be very Awesome.


Being a stuntwoman, Professional Wrestler for AWWF, Single mom, Singer, Voice Over Actor, Radio Personality for Country, Rock, & Hip Hop at some great Stations. (like KFRG & KJUG to name 2) Is just a start with many ups and Downs, bad & good decisions, loosing 3 important people in my 20's but gained 2. Working Long hours & raising 2 kids.

Then an injury stopped my Stunts, so I started learning animation,  I will never give up.   

 I want to work, I love doing voice overs so much I have great software, Microphones, a full VO studio and the most important thing The Passion. I'm learning how to animate, with Maya , Adobe  and other 3 D animation software.

 I have much to learn but I practice by doing projects for others & my  friends.  When it comes to Voice Overs I am always coming up with new voices, but I'm very good at what I do. if you don't  like what I have done for you even after I reduce it, i will not charge you.

Im sure you will be happy, hire me & see.. please check out my demos & my animations and my bloopers as well.

Something new I'm doing are animated greeting Cards, from the voices to animation. My dream has always been to be the voice of a Disney movie Character, like Little Mermaid, so I am hoping to learn more about Animations so I can put together my 0wn little Mermaid.  Dreams come true even  if you make them yourself.

PJ Stover says " If all we do is dream, then that's all it will be. You have to do something about it & than you can say you're living your dream. I have always wanted to be a voice Character for an animated Disney movie like Little Mermaid. I haven't given up and I am working hard to get there, soon"

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