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PJSVOICES Moves To Nashville

Well I did it! I moved to Nashville and let's just say it was a crazy trip.

Changes in life are always difficult, but we only live once and life is way to short not to do what your heart tells you. I met a wonderful lady Elaine Presley who runs and she gave me voice-over work, and an amazing recommendation.

I got a few more jobs and it's only been 5 weeks, Im looking forward to living in Nashville & all the work to come. It's been a dream of mine to move to Nashville so I needed to make the move. My mobile studio is set up and ready to go and it's better than ever. 

I believe we need to go for what's in our heart I may be in my 40's and disabled but if I can do it, anyone can. Im thinking of starting a video journal with my crazy life from 5 years old on. Some of my life is unbelievable but don't we all have things that happen we think are unbelievable, RIGHT! Maybe even a book if I can get someone to help me write it because Im definitely not a writer. watch for new voices, characters and Demos.