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Creating your own website shows, Creativity & says.. Hire Me!

I'm just writing a quick blog post today, to tell you my new website is up, and running better then ever. There is just something about doing your website yourself that just feels great, plus EVERYTHING works (unlike with mopro nothing ever seemed to work) The blog and the demos work & I can change things or put up a new Demo or animation right away, no waiting a week to get it up on my site.

Anyway I'm trying to be positive & happy about my website looking good and will get better as i'm still working on it, but it's working great. I have a moving logo & an animation introduction or as some call it a website intro video, I did the animation, voices, and all the editing myself. I hope you will go take a look at my website and let me know what ya think.

A simple easy to find everything, yet shows my creativity. Plus I love doing it myself. That's all for today but now that the blog works I will be writing blogs about more often. check out my new animation logos. Please remember to hire me for voiceovers. More to come