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HI Everyone Im PJ, I want to welcome you to PJSVOICES.COM

Im hoping everyone reads, this will at least listen to my demos and go take a look at my web site, it's always a work in progress. Now I'm not much of a blogger but I really wanted to get more work for voiceovers and this is what I'm told to do, so Im going to add a new animation or video or sample of my work or music soundcloud.

I have been lucky so far to get work at all, I don't take things for granted and I appreciate everything in my life. Im very grateful, for everything, and for every single job no matter how big or small, Every job is a big deal.! Listen below to my new Character demo
Please share my site with others that might need a great voiceover. check out my soundcloud to.  See you in the next Blog

Feel free to comment, & thanks for reading my blog